Determine your eligibility

Determine your eligibility

StudentAid BC is for Uk Columbians who need help investing in their post-secondary training.

Fundamental eligibility needs

To get student assistance that is financial you have to satisfy a few of these fundamental eligibility requirements:

All information submitted in the application, including information given by your moms and dads or spouse/common-law partner in appendices, is susceptible to verification.

Have actually you and/or your parent(s)/step parent/sponsor/legal spouse/common-law or guardian partner (if relevant) filed your Canadian taxes? Earnings information through the Canada sales Agency can be used to determine your monetary need whenever using for StudentAid BC money. Your past year’s Canadian tax information are going to be utilized in the evaluation of the monetary need. In the event that you and/or your parent(s)/step parent/sponsor/legal guardian or spouse/common-law partner (if relevant) haven’t filed your year’s that are previous taxes, processing of the StudentAid BC application are delayed while your earnings is confirmed. (more…)